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We ensure your complex is ideally prepared and positioned in the market.

[/span4] [span8] Lehmann Rights stays abreast of new information, regulations and changes in the industry to ensure your complex is ideally prepared and positioned in the market.

In the past few years there have been changes in banks’ requirements before finance is approved, there have been changes in the approval of various income streams and expenses, there have been new sources of income determined with proper documentation and the multiplier has been moving upwards in the past few years. This information can make the difference of thousands of dollars in a sale.

A management rights agent’s role on a sale is far from concluded when the contract is signed. The agent can work harder through that transaction than they did through the listing and initial negotiation process.

We help solve issues during the Account’s verification, the Solicitors due diligence, the valuation and Financial Approval. We stay connected with the respective Accountants, Solicitors, Valuers, Finance brokers and Bank Managers to ensure the contract stays on-track up to settlement.

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Lehmann Rights


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Kristine Lehmann

[spacer] Kristine Lehmann is firmly established as a dynamic management rights business professional, industry veteran and owner/operator of Lehmann Rights Pty Ltd.

Her expertise encompasses management rights sales, residential sales, project marketing, commercial real estate sales and marketing.

Endorsed by a network of professionals in the management rights industry and impassioned to support and meet the needs of on-site managers, Kristine has created a unique and innovative campaign to equip and empower management rights business owners.

As Director of Lehmann Rights Kristine is determined to reflect exceptional customer-focus and professional management rights sales services as well as creating long lasting relationships within the close-knit management rights industry.


m. 0412 203 770
e. k@lehmannrights.com.au